Dana & June Smallwood

Fantasy in Miniature
Clay Artist Creates a Menagerie of Whimsy
by Elizabeth Weiss

Most folks have a story to tell about meeting a celebrity or spying a star on a busy city street. Smallwood’s story is more unique than most. None other than Vincent Price, the actor with the unforgettable voice of fright, ended up in a gallery that exhibited Smallwood’s work in Annapolis, MD, when Smallwood was there as well. “Price’s wife collected sphinxes,” says Smallwood, “and he bought one from me.” But the most memorable part of this story was Price’s departing line, spoken as he departed in his Hush Puppies and trench coat, “There are all kinds of ghosts and goblins in here.”

"Dogwood" vase, porcelain, handbuilt, fired twice in kilm

Vase, porcelain clay, handbuilt, fired twice in kiln

"Pussywillow" vase, porcelain clay, handbuilt, fired twice in kiln

Menorah, porcelain, handbuilt, fired twice in kiln

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