Denise Devaris Karbassi

Denise Devaris Karbassi

Every Figure
Clothing Designer
Creates the Perfect
Fit for All Sizes
by Elizabeth Weiss

Women come in all shapes and sizes—tiny waists, large hips, pear-shapes, no curves, the list is never-ending. Every woman’s experienced the feeling of “I don’t have anything that fits me perfectly!” So whether you wear an uncommonly large or small size, Denise Karbassi, a clothing designer from Rockville, MD, has made it her job to create beautiful clothing for every figure.

“I’m a master at fitting and make the necessary adjustments along the way,” Karbassi says. Whether you’re a petite, tall, plus, average, or half size, this designer accommodates her clients. Karbassi describes her work as “wearable, hand-painted clothing with an exotic, contemporary flair.” She’s best known for understanding sizing and satisfying, most especially, the plus-size customer. “I’m a painter by nature,” Karbassi says of her brilliant designs which she creates by applying an oriental watercolor technique onto microfibers, suedes, and silk using textile paint.

Educated at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C., Karbassi focused on the philosophy of color. “My designs are a unique balance between brush strokes and color which gives each item its own personality and adds to the wearer’s personality,” Karbassi says. Her favorite analogy for this philosophy comes from a classic children’s film: “Wearing my work is like jumping into one of the chalk pictures in Mary Poppins,” she says. No matter who you are or what you imagine, Karbassi’s designs will be a perfect fit for you both inside and out.

The tailored jackets in Karbassi’s booth fill the needs of her “structured” and “non-structured” clients. For example, her Floating Goddess line is full of graceful, flowing, less structured pieces. But for the regular working woman who needs a more tailored jacket, she’ll find just what she needs in the Behind Blue Eyes booth too.

Karbassi began in the art world as a potter and then created her own papier-mache jewelry line. The desire to design clothes came about six years ago. “It’s so rewarding,” she says. “Many women have a hard time sharing their size. Women, especially plus sizes, want to feel better about themselves.” Karbassi’s product range and understanding of her customers have helped many women—she has a 99% return customer base.

One of the newest offerings from Karbassi this spring is high-end loungewear. “It’s a flowing pajama line that’s perfect for entertaining family at home and also nice enough to wear outside,” she explains. Designs in her easy-wear Slinky line, always ideal for travel, will expand. And the crowning touch will be jackets embellished with Swarovski Crystals—an exclusive deal made between Karbassi and the Swarovski company.

Get comfy and feel great. Check out Karbassi’s booth and her line of Behind Blue Eyes designs this spring where she has a “size and style for everyone.”

Sueded silk, using sumi brush, airbrush and relief dying

Sueded silk, short cropped jacket, sumi brush, airbrush and relief dying

Long sueded silk jacket, sumi brush, airbrush and relief dying

Silky blazer, sumi brush, airbrush, block printing and relief dying

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