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Middle Earth Studio

Puppet Show

Sugarloaf Craft Festivals are fun for the whole family. We provide Children’s Entertainment with Middle Earth Studios, a puppet show designed to enrich your child’s imagination through costume storytelling. Each puppet show engages as many as 90 children of all ages with props and costumes. Every participant becomes a part of the story as soon as the storyteller begins. The story is different every time, and every participant becomes a hero in some way.

Middle Earth Studios has delighted children at festivals and fairs around the country for years with their repertoire of enchanting fairytales and puppet shows. Now your children can enjoy Middle Earth Studios’ newest puppet show, featuring a 15-foot tall grandfather clock that’s really a time machine and the man or rather, the puppet, who invented it!


In addition to the Middle Earth Puppet Show, there are craft demonstrations throughout the show including stone sculpting, papermaking, copper spinning, wheel thrown pottery, and wood carving.

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