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Sell your fine arts and crafts at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals this year!

The Sugarloaf Craft Festivals provide fine artists and contemporary craftspeople with popular and established markets where they can sell their work to appreciative patrons. There are eleven Sugarloaf shows annually in MD, VA, PA, and NJ.

As an artist you can select the shows that fit your schedule and build a successful business on your terms. It’s like having a retail store to sell your creations that is only open three days at a time a few times a year. During those three days over 10,000 people are there to see and purchase your work!

But participating in a Sugarloaf show is much more than just the buying and selling of fine arts and crafts. When you participate in these shows you become a part of a cultural community that is eagerly embraced by thousands of appreciative patrons. Artists become friends with each other as well as with many of their customers. Everyone brings positive energy to the event. It’s like a big party and a great way to make a living doing what you love.

The Sugarloaf Craft Festivals feature artists selling their work in several categories. You can see examples typical of what can be found selling at these shows in your category by clicking below:

Photo Credit: Pottery by Marcia Reiver